Disclosure: I received bObi for review purposes. All opinions are honest and my own.

As you all know, I recently moved into my new home last weekend! In between moving furniture, organizing all of my props, and taking care of this crazy little fur ball — this place has pretty much been a mess! Luckily, bObsweep came to the rescue and sent me their bObi Pet robotic floor cleaner to help out around the home. Plus, if you’re a lazy gal like me who would much rather be doing anything else but cleaning… then this is the perfect product for you!

As I get older, I’m beginning to focus more on quality than quantity, especially when it comes down to the essentials that I use on a daily basis. For something like a vacuum, I always look for something with longevity, great suction, and maneuverability. bObsweep hits all these checkpoints and more:


I was actually really surprised with how sleek, compact, and lightweight the overall design was compared to other robotic cleaners in the market (most of which are bulky and physically unappealing). I chose my bObi Pet in the color, Scarlet and it perfectly accents all the colorful decor pieces in my home!


Anyone who also owns a pet that sheds like crazy would appreciate this product! Not only does this have efficient dust pick-up, but it also does an amazing job at sucking up massive amounts of pet hair.


We live in a 3-story townhouse so there’s definitely a lot of ground to cover (ain’t nobody got time for that!) This baby can last for a little over an hour and even has a programmable schedule option that will give you one less thing to worry about!


Unlike other hand held vacuums, this one does the job quietly and at a low volume. Seriously, you’ll barely notice that it’s there!


The bObi Pet glides over carpet, hard-wood floors, and hard to reach areas like under furniture so smoothly! It’s super reliable and the virtual barrier (known as the Block) prevents it from hitting delicate objects/corners.

Overall, I never thought I could be obsessed with a vacuum (oh man… I really am old). If you’re interested in learning more about the bObi Pet, click here for more information!

Do you have a robotic floor cleaner? What are your thoughts?

xo, Donna Belle

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First off, I apologize for being MIA this past week. In between doing freelance work, I’ve also been preparing for a big move so it’s been all sorts of crazy! I recently moved into my space and since I basically have a blank canvas for my office, I wanted to share my entire design process with ya’ll! To be quite honest, I’ve been struggling with feeling feeling motivated to create (which happens when you work in your room 99% of the time) so I’m excited to switch up my surrounding and actually have an entire area dedicated creating content for Sheselle!

I’ve been constantly scouring Pinterest for inspiration and even went as far as creating a mock-up on Photoshop of what my office could potentially look like (yeah, I’m taking this shit serious). Click here for a visual mood board of the colors, patterns, and home decor items I’m hoping to incorporate into my room. So far, I’ve managed to decorate a corner of my room (all thanks to the lovely Oh Joy) and as small as it is, I can already see the potential. Look out for an update in the upcoming weeks!

If you have any tips for decorating a new space and/or inspiration of your own that you would like to share, feel free to share them below!

xo, Donna Belle



I’m so excited to announce that I will be a guest blogger for UNiDAYS’ blog The Edit for their Back To School campaign this summer! This will be a three part series, where I’ll be covering everything from surviving the first week of college to healthy snacks to get your through dreadful early morning lectures.

Fall move-in day is quickly approaching and for many of you, this will be your first time living on your own. With this new ounce of freedom, you will finally have a space that you can customize to fully reflect who you are. This can end up being quite expensive and since you’ve probably exhausted most of your money on clothes and textbooks this summer, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can decorate your dorm on a student budget while giving it that special quality. After all, this will be your new home for the next nine months!

UNiDAYS also recently launched with Cotton On’s umbrella stationary brand Typo and is offering 15% off for students so take advantage of their awesome deals while you can! All of their products will be linked throughout this post so that you can easily replicate these ideas.



Liven up your space by adding natural elements to counter all the fluorescent lighting around you. Since you’ll probably be in and out of your dorm room quite often, opt for plants that require very little maintenance such as succulents, air plants, aloe vera, or cacti. If you’re like me and have miraculously killed every plant you’ve owned, don’t worry, these plants last a relatively long time! But if you want to be extra cautious, you can opt for fake plants like the ones above which give the same visual effect! | x x



Stay organized by using jars as storage containers for stationary or as holders for your plants. You could even add a personal touch to them by applying paint or placing twine around the neck of the jar. You can simply pick these up from your local dollar, thrift, or craft store for relatively under $3.



Since your bed will essentially serve as a couch during the day, add decorative throw pillows along the back wall to spruce up any plain duvet cover. Another great thing about these are that it can double as floor cushions when you have guests over! | x

To read the rest of the tips, check out the full post at UNiDAYS® blog The Edit.

A special thank you to Lauren Lee for providing her beautiful lettering to this post!

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