As someone who works from home, it’s important that my space be filled with things that motivate me and inspire creativity. I also like to think that in many ways, your home is an extension of yourself. It reflects your aspirations, memories, interests, and overall lifestyle. To be honest, my room has been a complete tornado these past few weeks and is clearly long overdue for a revamp. With a limited budget, I didn’t want to shell out heaps of money on overpriced items found at stores like Urban Outfitters. Also, no surprise here, but I found that a lot of the home decor they sell are actually incredibly simple to recreate and you’d be doing your wallet a big favor! Today i’ll be sharing 3 easy DIY projects you can do to spruce up your bare walls and give your home a bit more personality.

Wooden Print Dowel Hanger (as seen from the example above)

If you have any prints of illustrations, patterns, or type lying around that you have yet to frame, this is a great way to showcase them. Here, I used a print that I ripped out from an old Rifle Paper Co calendar of mine. Since I no longer had any practical use for it but still very much loved the art in it, I thought it would be a perfect example.

[kindred-recipe id=”3598″ title=”Wall Print Hanger”]


Leather Magazine Holder

This one is by far the simplest DIY out of the three! I was heavily inspired by these Scandinavian Leather Straps that I found online but they retail for nearly $40 and I knew I could make my own for much cheaper. They’re perfect for displaying magazines but could also be used to hang your accessories or favorite articles of clothing.

[kindred-recipe id=”3596″ title=”Leather Wall Holder”]

Hanging Polaroid Photo Display

It’s good to surround yourself with things that make you happy so dig up those printed photographs that you tucked into a drawer and have forgotten. This DIY is a perfect way to remind yourself of the countless memories you’ve made.

[kindred-recipe id=”3610″ title=”Hanging Poloroid Photo Display”]

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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