With everything being digital these days, it’s incredibly refreshing to be able to physically flip through pages of a book or magazine. At a young age, I remember excitedly running to the magazine aisle of every grocery market I went to and collecting issues of J-14, BOP, and Heartbeat (edit: I had no idea that these were still on stands today!) Although reading entertainment magazines like Cosmopolitan is still very much a guilty pleasure of mine, i’ve been gravitating towards more aesthetic + lifestyle focused zines that carry a collection of beautifully curated short stories, poems, and photographs by various artists. I found the content in these to be much more thought-provoking and a great source for creative inspiration. Here are ones that i’ve been loving recently:

  • Cereal This UK produced magazine highlights distinct places around the world through short essays that focus on the people, products, and places that make it beautifully unique. The overall minimalistic design is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye! To get an idea of the type of things they produce, check out their online gallery.
  • The Gentlewoman I’ve only recently come across this but I absolutely love the fact that this magazine celebrates and empowers the modern woman. So far, they have featured prominent women like Emma Watson and Beyonce!
  • Afar What initially drew me to this magazine was the fact that the Art Director, Elizabeth Olsen was a graphic designer and blogger that i’ve been following for years. Besides this, this magazine always gives me serious wanderlust! They cover everything from the food to the culture of each featured destination.

Many of these magazines are only published biannually and are a bit more expensive than your average grocery store bought magazine. However, these are well worth the wait and price for the substance. If you love art and/or simply looking for creative inspiration, I highly recommend that you check out these magazines! I always love discovering new reads so if you have any recommendations, i’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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