Kicking off 2018

2017 is coming to a close and I really want this upcoming year (and every year moving forward) to be focused on self love and improving my mental health. Like every year, 2017 had it’s share of highs and lows. There were moments where life felt out of control, mornings where I found it difficult to get out of bed, days where I was too riddled with anxiety to move forward with plans (granted, it also doesn’t help that I’m an Introvert), and weeks where I was uninspired to create.

At the end of 2016, I quit my 9 to 5 job after constantly daydreaming at my desk about creating something that I was wholeheartedly passionate about. At the time, I honestly had no idea what that was… I just knew that I needed a change. Over time, I placed a ton of my energy on building a career as a Freelance Creative and for the first time in a long time, I had the freedom to create something I genuinely loved. My first year developing my personal brand, Sheselle, carried it’s own set of unique challenges. I’ve cried from frustration, uncertainty, and doubted myself more times than I can count. At the same time, I experienced a lot of growth from failure and overall, it’s been such an incredibly rewarding journey. I had the opportunity to work closely with some of my favorite brands and to think that this socially awkward gal somehow found herself featured in a magazine is still a crazy thought to grasp. This duality of pursuing my dreams while struggling with my anxiety/depression has no doubt been challenging. I mean, social media has a way of glamorizing life and what success should look like. It can feel like everyone else is always one step ahead but I often have to remind myself that my self worth is in no way equivalent to likes, comments, or followers.

In 2018, I hope to work 100x harder on evolving Sheselle, but in doing so, making sure that I’m happy, honest, and emotionally healthy along the way. To anyone going through a rough patch or similarly dealing with a mental illness while struggling to balance work, this is just a reminder to always prioritize “you.” Invest time into self-care, understand your limits, know that there’s no shame in asking for help (whether that means talking to a friend or going to therapy), and remember that whatever you’re facing doesn’t have to define or limit you.

xo, Donna Belle

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