It’s been a few days since AJ and I returned from our trip to South Korea and I finally managed to tackle my whole post luggage situation (which is probably my least favorite thing about traveling). I was on a slightly tight budget so I limited myself to buying only a few things here and there but I’m happy with everything that I did end up bringing home with me.


Starting with jewelry, I ended up picking up a few statement earrings to jazz up my outfits. Ever since I saw Iamkareno rock cherry shaped earrings in her videos, I’ve been on a crazy hunt for similar ones so when I saw a pair at Chuu (located in Hongdae), I definitely could not pass them up! Next up, I found some oversized pearl heart shaped earrings from Style Nanda, which I feel are so unique and feminine! Lastly, after doing some late night shopping at the underground Gangnam Station, I stumbled upon these dainty gold star earrings (fyi: if you’re ever in this district, check this place out for amazing deals!) Throughout my trip, I also came across so many cute little shops selling eccentric little accessories so rest assured, I scored a ton of different pins and patches (more pictured than above).


Moving on to clothing, I got a BUNCH of graphic tees (because clearly, I don’t own enough ha). The strawberry milk tee above is from Chuu and again, I’ve been on the hunt for a classic red ringer shirt for quite awhile. On our last night, AJ and I decided to check out Common Ground (a huge shopping plaza made entirely of shipping containers) and this orange oversized weirdo tee instantly caught my eye. Not only is it vibrant, but the words just spoke to me (embrace your inner weirdness ya’ll!) There were also a few things that aren’t pictured that I also purchased such as this blue legalize dreams tee by style nanda, a red new york sweater, and a handful of cute socks!


While in Jeju, AJ and I visited the Ossuluc Green Tea Museum, which included an Innis Free store. I ended up picking up a green tea cleansing water since I ran out of remover recently. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet but it has a super refreshing scent! I totally wish I got more skincare related items but I guess that just means I’m due for another visit soon? While I was at Style Nanda, I also got 3CE’s longwear eye crayon in the shade juggling (a beautiful shimmery golden brown with subtle orange tones) along with a lip lacquer in the shade dessert flower (a sultry dark plum).

I hope you enjoyed this little haul of mine! Let me know which of these items are your favorite in the comments below!

xo, Donna Belle

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