If you’ve been following along on my Instagram these past few weeks, you‘d know that I spent the holidays in the Philippines. As much as I love the destination and being able to spend quality time with my entire family, the journey over can be a bit of a challenge (especially if I don’t have access to everything I need while on-the-go). Hours of waiting in line, being cramped in a small space, and breathing in all the recycled dry cabin air can really put a toll on your body so I’ve learned how to get through the entire flight process with ease and comfort. I’m in no way an experienced jet setter but having traveled back to my homeland every couple of years, I’ve discovered a few tips and tricks to conquering long haul flights and ensuring that the whole trip goes as smoothly and comfortably as possible! In collaboration with Avatara Skin, I’ve compiled an ultimate lis of survival tips for long-haul flights!


My flight from California to Philippines amounted to a total of 25 hours (including layovers). This probably goes without saying but If you’re planning to spend hours sitting on a plane, I can’t stress how important of a factor comfort is in how you dress. For ultimate coziness, slip into some thick socks, a loose tee or sweater, and sweatpants (or leggings). You’ll be strapped into the same seat for hours so giving yourself enough flexibility (to stretch, change positions, etc). Plane rides can be so difficult to fall asleep on and I often find myself waking up from continuously bobbing my head (you know that annoying feeling). That’s why I totally recommend that you invest in a comfy neck pillow! It seems like one of those small luxury travel items you can do without but trust me, it makes a world of a difference during and post flight.


As you probably already know, the cabin air can be super dry so it’s absolutely necessary to keep yourself well hydrated throughout the entire flight. Aside from drinking a ton of water, bring back moisture into your skin by applying hydration based skincare products. Avatara Skin’s facemasks were definitely an essential of mine this time around! They’re cool-to-the-touch, lightweight, and easy-to-apply while on the go. Stick on a sheet for 10-20 minutes and you’ll be left with fresh, dewy skin! Each mask targets different skin concerns so for tired, dry skin, I highly recommend using the Chill Out Mask.


Sometimes the in-flight entertainment options don’t live up to our expectations and when I’m not catching up on sleep, doing things like listening to a playlist of my favorite songs, flipping through a stack of magazines, or diving into a book I’ve put off for way too long can really make the journey go by much more quickly. You could even use your time more efficiently by catching up on any work (I always find that this is the perfect time to edit photos!)

Note: Don’t forget to bring some noise-cancelling headphones to drown out any noise and/or watch movies. Also, if you’re bringing any electronics, don’t forget your chargers or an extra battery pack! 


Sitting in one position for an extended period of time can cause your feet to painfully swell up. I somehow managed to only use the restroom once towards the last leg of my 14-hour trip (bad, bad idea) and found myself struggling to fit into my shoes by the end of it. Every hour or so, get up from your seat and take a walk around the aisle. This will help keep your blood flowing, avoid any muscle soreness, and prevent the extreme case of blood clotting.

If you’re interested in learning more about Avatara Skin and all the unique kinds of face masks that they offer, check out their official website here. Also, if you have any tips of your own on how to get through a long-haul flight and/or have any exciting trips coming up, feel free to share them in the comments below!

xo, Donna

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