Over the weekend, my good friend invited me to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco! As you probably already know, tickets generally sell out very quickly so it’s difficult to get your hands on them unless you do it months in advance because of it’s immense popularity. Luckily, she was smart enough to buy a few extras back in September so AJ and I were able to tag along! The museum was everything I pretty much imagined it to be – highly interactive, colors from every shade of the rainbow, and chalk full of sugary sweets from local companies like Bi-Rite, Salt & Straw, CREAM, and It’s-It to keep you peppy along the way. I’ll be real, $38 a ticket is pretty damn expensive but the unique experience is totally worth it in my opinion. Plus, if you’re color obsessed and have a sweet tooth like me, it’s definitely a must-see. Keep reading to witness all the magic!

Each installation is designed around a specific sweet – from cherry cotton candy ceilings, giant ice cream pops, to the notorious swimming pool filled with rainbow sprinkles (which in case you were wondering, are made of plastic and un-edible). Imagine Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory but with a whole bunch of millennials taking selfies…

A few tips:

– Make sure to arrive within 20 minutes before your scheduled time and have your tickets ready to be scanned at the door. The museum is located a couple blocks down from the Powell Bart Station. The building is also painted entirely in pink (as expected) so it won’t be difficult to spot! There will also be a bit of a wait but the staff is super friendly and will keep you company along the way.

– If you’re planning to snap some photos of yourself and/or with a group, it helps to scope out the place on social media ahead of time and have a general idea of how you’ll pose. Since this is pretty much an Instagrammer’s paradise, there will be tons of people trying to capture the perfect photo so be prepared for a little craziness. There are also time limits for specific installations so you have to be quick!

– Like I mentioned earlier, tickets go by FAST. If you plan on visiting, sign up for their newsletter here to be notified of ticket sales. It’s basically a gamble with time slots so don’t be surprised if you’re given a weird hour during the work week.

xo, Donna Belle

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