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Summer is one of my all-time favorite seasons because it evokes so many feel-good memories and magically puts me straight into relaxation mode. Although the humidity can be wicked around this time, don’t let it drown out all the fun! I’m teaming up with Pocky USA to show you three fun ways to freshen up your Summer plans. Are you ready?!


Summer is the perfect time to freshen up your style and incorporate seasonal pieces into your wardrobe! Since it’s been scorching hot in California lately, I’ve been reaching for items that are loose, light colored (these reflect light and will keep you cooler), and minimal. I started off by throwing on a flowy off the shoulder top like this one from Zara to give myself a bit of room to breathe. I then paired it with a Distressed Denim Skirt from Zara, which added a bit of edge to all the feminine pieces I’m wearing. Since my shoulder area felt a bit bare, I tied a Star Patterned Handkerchief to my neck to absorb any icky sweat throughout the day. To balance out all the denim going on, I slipped on some Neutral White Sandals from ASOS. I then topped the outfit off with a Straw Hat from Madewell, which is light and helps block my face from the harsh sunlight. Lastly, I threw on a small Crossbody Purse from Fossil for easy Pocky storage (duh).


As much as I love a good Netflix binge, it’s good to be outdoors once in awhile! I know, it can be so tempting to just sit on your butt all day but swimming is a great way to get some exercise in while keeping you from feeling like a sweaty disaster. You can also use this time to catch up on a sizzling new book or jam out to your favorite Summer anthem! Plus, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a ton of adorable floaties?!


This season, liven up your palette by picking up fresh produce at your local Farmers Market and trying out a fun new recipe! With all the delicious fruit I recently picked up, I was inspired to create a Fruit Yogurt Coconut Bowl. This recipe is delicious, healthy, and instantly transports me to a dream vacation at a tropical island. Keep reading for a full recipe below!

What you need
– Plain or Greek yogurt
– Fruit (I went with my faves: Mangoes, Strawberries, and Kiwis)
– Pocky sticks

1. Begin by drenching out the water from the Coconut by puncturing one of the three holes at the base with a cork screw. Once you’ve poured that all out, it’s time to cut the coconut in half! I tried several methods via Youtube like using the backend of knife against the most tender area of the coconut but unfortunately, none of them worked for me. I wish I had a good technique to offer for this but the only way I was able to crack one open was by throwing it against a hardwood floor.
2. With the two halves, clean out the inside and save the fresh coconut pieces for later.
3. Scoop in some yogurt and start layering each of the cut fruit gradually on top.
4. Garnish with Pocky sticks of your choice. I went with the classic Strawberry flavor but Pocky has a total of 5 different flavors to choose from! Learn more about what they offer here.

This was just a snippet of my Summer plans but one things for sure, I’ll be snacking on Pocky wherever I end up going! If you want to add a little sweetness to your Summer plans too, check out Pocky and use their store locater to find out where you can get your hands on some delicious treats ASAP.

What’s on your Summer Bucketlist? Share your plans in the comments below!

xo, Donna Belle

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