I had a ton of leftover yarn from the head band I created for NYE, so I thought I’d find other ways to incorporate pom poms! I was inspired by We-Are-Scout to create a Pom Pom Tassel for my tote bag and it turned out amazing! I don’t care how obnoxious it may look, it just adds that pop of color and fun to everyday. These are also perfect for door knob decor and/or key chains.

You’ll need

How to

1. Create 5 different pom poms using the pom maker.

I used different techniques for each variation, which included solid, color block, multi-colored, and random. In general, you want to wrap your yarn around both sides of the clamp tightly with yarn. Remember: The more times you wrap around, the more dense your poms will be! Once you’ve completed both sides, cut through the middle of each clamp to separate. Before removing, tie a piece of string 2-3 times to the middle of the maker to secure it in place. Lastly, trim your pom pom evenly around to create a fuller look.

Solid color (2x): Wrap one color of yarn around each clamp.
Color Block: Wrap one color on one side of the clamp and a second color on the other
Multi-colored: Wrap two different colors simultaneously around each clamp.
Random: Wrap random sections with two different colors around each clamp.

2. Create a tassel

Start by cutting 10-20 individual pieces of yarn (at about 8 inches in length) using one of the colors you used for the poms. Gather them altogether, half them in the middle, and tie a 10 inch string to secure (this needs to be long so you can tie the poms to it later on). Cut another piece of string and wrap it around the top of the tassel (about 1-2 inches from the top) several times and secure with a tie. Lastly, trim the ends of the tassel so that they are even.

3. Assemble everything!

Now that you’ve created the pom poms and tassel, it’s time to put it altogether! Begin tightly tying each of the pom poms to the long string that you used to tie the tassel in the middle. Once you’ve finalized your arrangement, tie the end of the string to a keychain holder and attach to your tote!

What other DIYs would you like to see on Sheselle? Comment below!

xo, Donna Belle

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